Receiving instructions on basic mountain biking skills and safety precautions, even beginners can enjoy. Riding on forest roads where you can immerse yourself in the nature of Hokkaido you’ll be fully satisfied with the real value of Mountain Biking. The guide will carry the MTBs from Sapporo. Just bring yourselves in active clothes! 

Full Day MTB Tours  

Full Day MTB Tours in Lake Shikotsu Area

・Lake Shikotsu – Lakeside Road Course

Running distance 20~30km (12~19 miles) / Vertical height 100m (330feet)

Starting from a hotel at Lake Shikotsu and through a tunnel of greenwood shade we will pedal to Morappu camp site. Along the way we will occasionally stop by at a couple of must-see spots such as Great Rock Aisle of Thick Moss and canyon of the Chitose River.

(2.5 hours for transportation to and from Sapporo Station, 3 hours for actual MTB riding.)


・Chitose – Lake Shikotsu Course

Running distance 20~30km(30 ~ 35 miles) / Vertical height 300m (980 feet)

Recommended for people who want to challenge a longer course. Along the clearest stream of the Chitose River, we will run on a cycling road through the woods of white birch to beautiful Lake Shikotsu. On the way back is a full fledged off-road downhill course. You may ask for making some adjustments to reduce your burden on the way.

(2.5 hours for transportation to and from Sapporo Station, 5 hours for actual MTB riding.)



​Full Day Tour (including MTB rental fee, insurance)

10,000 yen


Half Day MTB Tours   

Half day Nopporo Forest Park course

Running distance 10km ( 0.6 mile) / vertical hight 40m (131 feet)

Maybe this is the only forest park where you are allowed to ride your bike through. There are even mountain tracks that racers use for practice.

(1.5 hours for transportation to and from Sapporo Station, 1.5 hours for actual MTB riding.)


Half Day Tour (including MTB rental fee, insurance)

6,000 yen

9:00~12:30 or 13:30~16:00

Customized MTB Tours   

Collaboration with Hoheikyo Onsen (Hot spring)!

Half day JozankeiHoheikyo MTB tour plus Onsen and lunch (Indian curry)

Special price: 7,000 yen per person. (5,000 yen for children 15 or under)

Running distance 10km (6.2 miles) / Vertical height 10m (33 feet)

This is a special plan with MTB & Onsen (Japanese style hot spring bath) & Indian Curry with Naan. Experience Japanese culture and get refreshed after having a pleasant sweat working on a MTB. Enjoy the popular-among-locals tasty curry cooked by Nepalese chef as well.

(1.5 hours for transportation to and from Sapporo Station, 10 minutes to and from Jozankei Resort,1.5 hours for actual MTB riding.)





​Special price: 8,000 yen per person.

(including MTB rental fee,curry lunch,hot spring fee, insurance)




​Naganuma Plateau Farm Road Course &Lunch at Farmers Restaurant

We run up the hill of slightly elevated Maoi by MTB and enjoy cycling while looking at a very large beautiful rural scenery of Naganuma under eyes. We run farm products growing up every way and gravel path of 1straight line to meander, season. 

It is dotted with a lot of farm restaurants which were particular about 

the locals vegetables,meat, dairy products of the pride in the town.People gather for the taste from eachplace in the way.  

Special price: 12,000 yen per person.

(including MTB rental fee,lunch,insurance)